Accounting and Business Law

A degree in accounting will:

  • Help you to develop the knowledge, intellectual abilities, values, attitudes, skills and leadership qualities needed to excel. 
  • Teach you to perform effectively in an accounting position in business, government, education or other fields and to advance to levels of increasing responsibility. 
  • Allow you to grow and develop as an individual, both professionally and personally.
  • Help you become a contributing member of society.
Accounting Course

Potential Careers

Teacher | Researcher | Chief Financial Officer | Comptroller | Criminal Investigator | 
Estate Planner | Financial Planner | Consultant | Planner | Chief Executive Officer

Program Requirements

In addition to the College of Business degree requirements, the accounting major must earn a minimum grade of " C " in each of the accounting courses attempted above ACCT 3370. Students pursuing this degree program must take all professional courses at Lamar University.

  • Overall, College of Business + Specialization GPA = 2.0
  • Completion of ACCT 2301 (minimum grade of B)
  • Completion of ACCT 3370 (minimum grade of B)
  • Accounting majors have 2 attempts to satifactorily complete ACCT 2301, ACCT 3370 and ACCT 3310.
 *Transfer students must meet the equivalent of the above requirements

Business Law

Business Law is a minor available to all students. The program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the laws faced by businesses today. 

Business Law Professor