Accounting and Business Law


The principal objective of the department is to develop in the student the knowledge, intellectual abilities, values, attitudes, skills and leadership qualities needed.

To perform effectively in an entry-level position on an accounting track in business, government, education, or other fields and to advance to levels of increasing responsibility.

To grow and to develop as an individual both professionally and personally.

To become a contributing member of society.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to the College of Business degree requirements, the accounting major must earn a minimum grade of " C " in each of the accounting courses attempted above ACCT 3370. Students pursuing this degree program must take all professional courses at Lamar University.

Graduation Requirements Extra

Present an SAT Score

Completion of ACCT 2301 (minimum grade of B) and ACCT 3370 ( minimum grade of " B "). Transfer students must meet the equivalent of the above requirements.