General Business


An academic major in the General Business program provides students an opportunity to study the fundamentals of a business enterprise, then focus their coursework on one of these concentrations - Advertising Communication, General Business, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Engineering or Retail Merchandising.

Advertising Communication

Advertising involves the creation and placement of information designed to produce sales - it substitutes for the human salesperson. As a career, it appeals to creative people, blending commercial business and show business. Many people in advertising are employed by agencies, while others work in the media or in advertising departments of companies. Advertising communication encompasses many areas.

Art and Layout
Copy writing
Television Production

The creativity aspect of this concentration selects most of its professional courses from those offered by the Department of Art. Two communications courses and two additional marketing courses complement the program.

General Business

The General Business concentration enables a person to receive a thorough education in business without a major in a specific business discipline. This focus gives enough flexibility so an individual can explore various career paths.

Personnel Management

The purpose of this program is to prepare the student in all the areas of business. A graduate can enter small business, public relations, federal and state government, office management, insurance, real estate, retail credit, and sales.


The Entrepreneurship Concentration is designed for the student interested in starting and running his or her business. The 18-hour focus provides broad exposure to the key disciplines in the College of Business. The six courses chosen for the concentration reinforce the need for the entrepreneur to develop a well-rounded skill set:

  1. A solid understanding of budgeting and financial statements should come from the Accounting and Finance Courses.
  2. Knowledge of how to hire, train, motivate, and retain employees results from the Human Resources Management course.
  3. The three entrepreneurship courses should help a student to identify opportunities in the market place and put together a plan to take advantage of those opportunities through a new business.

Industrial Engineering

Students majoring in General Business with a concentration in Industrial Engineering receive an education directed at developing technical expertise as well as knowledge of business management.

This combined education in business and engineering enables a graduate to make decisions concerning:

Inventory Control
Layout of productions facilities
Manufacturing firms
Materials used in manufacturing a product
Motivating and rewarding employees
Production procedures
Quality control

This set of skills and knowledge can be used to improve operating efficiency in almost any type of company. Gradates can be employed by insurance companies, banks, construction firms, public utilities, hospitals, retail organizations and other large business firms, as well as by government agencies.

Retail Management

Retail management is in a constant state of change. With advances in computer technology, large-scale retailers have become much more research oriented. Computerized merchandise systems provide buyers with the information they need to identify trends, reorder points and fast-selling items of merchandise. This major enables a student to complement the General Business degree with Fashion and Consumer Sciences Courses

The retail merchandising concentration is designed for the individual who wants to pursue these career paths:

Accounting Control
Buying and Retail Management
Store Operations and Management
Sales Promotion
Fashion Coordination
Retail Sales Analysis
Visual Merchandising